leave no trace

Exhibition Opening: Leave No Trace, 5-12 September 2020, at Tromsø Kunstforening

The collective exhibition featured the works of Michalina W. Klasik (PL), Sara Rönnbäck (SE) and Karianne Karlsrud (NO), Stephanie Imbeau (US/CA/DE) and Anastasya Kizilova (RU), and Anne Lindgaard Møller (DK).

Photograph by Daniela Toma

rumslig kropp/kroppligt rum iii

Rumslig Kropp/Kroppligt Rum IIIPerformance by Karianne Karlsrud & Sara Rönnbäck on 6 September 2020 at Tromsø Kunstforening

This performance is a result of the collaborative work of artist Sara Rönnbäck (SE) and choreographer and dancer Karianne Karlsrud (NO). Both the sculptures and the choreography have been developed through intuitive dialogue with the material objects that are part of the exhibition.

Photograph by Daniela Toma

social presencing theatre

Social Presencing Theater, Workshop led by Marina Borovaya of ICE-9, 7 September 2020 at Tromsø Kunstforening

Social presencing theater is a practice, where the word ‘theater’ is used in connection to its root meaning – a place where something significant becomes visible or where a group of people can have a shared experience. There is an underlying wisdom in every system, which can come to the surface as we move from the current reality of that system to its highest future potential. You are invited to embody different elements of the system we are in, tap into the wisdom of your body and observe.

Photograph by Daniela Toma


Exposure, Performance by Sarah Epping & Charlotte Biszewski, 8 September 2020 at Telegrafbukta

A ritualistic performance by Sarah Epping and Charlotte Biszewski (UK/PL), where the participants were invited to write a letter to someone they cannot speak to and then let the sea waters wash it away. The messages were written with natural materials on leftover ceramic bones.

Photograph by Daniela Toma

Polymerized Cybernetic Plants

Artist Talk with Anastasya Kizilova, 8 September 2020 at Tromsø Kunstforening

An online talk with artist, researcher and science-fiction writer Anastasya Kizilova (RU) about her artistic practice and the creative visions of the future of the planet. Anastasya’s work ‘Polymerized Cybernetic Plants (PCPs)’ was a part of the collective exhibition Leave No Trace at Tromsø Kunstforening.

Photograph by Natalia Szczerba


Procession, Performance by Stephanie Imbeau, 9 & 12 September 2020 at Tromsø Kunstforening

A “wearable art” sculpture performance created by Stephanie Imbeau (CA/US/DE) that majestically led the audience from sunset into the darkness of a Tromsø evening.

sweet, sour, salty and bitter

Sweet, Sour, Salty and Bitter, Ice-cream Parlor by Ieva Grigelionyte, 9 & 12 September 2020 at Tromsø Kunstforening

Artist Ieva Grigelionyte (LT/UK) invited the audience to taste the local-flavours’ infused ice-cream made from plants picked up around Tromsø: “They grow on roadsides, wasteland and bare places by paths, by the driveways, leaning against the fences, reaching out through the cracks in the asphalt. We don’t register them as food, but they are there, a part of our route to work or school, and they have taste.”

Photograph by Daniela Toma

Bookbinding Workshop

Bookbinding Workshop Elle-Hánsa *Keviselie* by Hans Ragnar Mathisen, 9- 10 September 2020 at Tromsø Kunstforening 

Legendary artist Hans Ragnar Mathisen (NO) led this workshop to teach the participants how to create and bind a notebook with a minimum of waste.


Each, Other, Film Screening by Kurant Kino, 10 September 2020 at Løkta

Kurant Kino’s curated programme of artists’ moving-image works reflected on our social and emotional presence – the chain reactions we set off, the indelible marks, impacts, and the litter we leave behind. What renders us alien and alone, or binds and connects us? Do we need each other and what are the consequences of that need?

Photograph by Marina Borovaya

Et flytende måltid

A Floating Meal, Art & Food Event, 11 September 2020 at Telegrafbukta

Øyvind Novak Jenssen and Karoline Sætre (NO), also known as ‘Kvae og Bark’ artistic duo, prepared a delicious meal that was made from the locally sourced seafood and plants, all from the Telegrafbukta area.

Photograph by Daniela Toma

from book to paper

From Book to Paper, Workshop by Anne Lindgaard Møller, 12 September 2020 at Tromsø Kunstforening

A drop-in workshop led by artist Anne Lindgaard Møller (DK) where the participants learnt how to transform discarded books into beautiful and unique paper.

Photograph by Daniela Toma