The Festival Team is very pleased to announce that the 3rd edition of the Festival ‘Leave No Trace’ dedicated to environmental sustainability is going to be taking place 5-12 September 2020, as scheduled. Unfortunately not all of our invited artists will be able to attend the Festival due to travel restrictions that have been put in place, which means that we have to reschedule or even cancel certain works where the presence of the artist is essential. However, our Festival Program will nonetheless stay engaging and diverse, with various participatory events, performances, workshops, games, films, discussions and more!

Open Out is an annual festival that consists of various exhibitions, performances, film screenings, as well as educative events like seminars and workshops, in different locations around town. The unifying theme for the festival is queerness. The way we understand queer is both in terms of sexual orientation (non-heterosexual), as well as in a more political sense: it’s about thinking outside the box, challenging dominant narratives and reinventing the future with more focus on taking into account divergent voices within society. The festival explores the perspectives of feminists, indigenous peoples, immigrants and refugees, as well as other social minorities who do not always get to be included in the mainstream public debate. Our goal is to create a festival that is inclusive, diverse, and bringing Tromsø and the world together.