The Festival Team is very pleased to announce that the 4th edition of the Festival ‘Border/Lines’ is going to be taking place 4-11 September 2021.

This year has been full of uncertainty and difficult times for people around the world. Amongst one of the many consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdowns and restrictions in travelling are important topics to reflect on. It points out to the question of borders: in a world where globalisation seemed to be inexorable, many nations have closed their borders and emphasised the need to be self-sufficient: what does that mean for the global society, for us as humans, and for art? This topic of borders is also internal: what makes us different from one another, what separates and defines us as individuals, but also as a group?

Open Out is an annual festival that consists of various exhibitions, performances, film screenings, as well as educative events like seminars and workshops, in different locations around town. The unifying theme for the festival is queerness. The way we understand queer is both in terms of sexual orientation (non-heterosexual), as well as in a more political sense: it’s about thinking outside the box, challenging dominant narratives and reinventing the future with more focus on taking into account divergent voices within society. The festival explores the perspectives of feminists, indigenous peoples, immigrants and refugees, as well as other social minorities who do not always get to be included in the mainstream public debate. Our goal is to create a festival that is inclusive, diverse, and bringing Tromsø and the world together.